Post ITK Data Connect

— Very fast and intelligent tapping of for example the ITscope product API, icecat product content API, inventory management, eCommerce & eBusiness store both data and exports via the luxurious REST API and web service interfaces.

— The readout of the product content data in the multi-client principle, so you can, depending on the ITK Data user, separate your eCommerce store from the merchandise management or the eBay or Amazon export and manage it specifically. In the ITscope or icecat license data management within the ITK data connection you can see which system has queried how much product data.

— Catalog-related, your product and inventory information from your ERP, eCommerce & eBusiness store or a digital list ( XML, CSV, TXT, XLSX ) can be enriched with the ITscope Product API or icecat Product Content API data and forwarded to the displaying application via the ITK data connection in the data format currently required by the software.

Core functions

Core functions

  1. Multi-connection configurations ( depending on your ITscope user licenses )
  2. Product data ( section "products" )
  3. Product types ( section "products" )
  4. Distributors ( section "company" )
  5. Manufacturer ( section "company" )
  6. Business Deals ( section "businessdeals" )
  7. Process manager for linking your price list(s) to ITscope product data
  8. Cron process manager for processing the new product/article objects into your systems ( Shop, ERP, WaWi, CRM, CMS, AWS, Ebay or search engines )
  9. Dashboard is individual and open for design according to own requirements
  10. Domains for back- and frontend ( ITK data connection is multi-domain capable )
  11. Languages for back- and frontend
  12. Logging of all web service activities and export function f. IT administrators
  13. Settings and attributes for back- and frontend
  14. Backend with a standard design
  15. Backend design with own logo
  16. Backend design available in 12 colors
  17. Users and roles for user access management ( access lists for employees and areas )
  18. The ITK data connection web service REST API to fetch the newly defined product / item objects in CSV, JSON and XML format.

The ITK data connectivity software is available in two versions: Managed Enterprise (Software-as-a-Service) and Pro (Self-Hosted).

ITscope Product-API

ITscope Product-API

The ITscope Product and Order API provides all necessary interface endpoints to access the desired product content data. You can connect it with your own data and then play the resulting order data back to your ERP / FiBu and ITscope. You can forward the digital order to the supplier via ITscope's internal services, thus saving many individual interfaces, maintenance of these connections and significant development and runtime costs.

Our ITK data connection manages and serves all existing ITscope API endpoints in multi-client format. It fetches the product content data according to your definition via OEM, EAN or a search filter defined by you and combines it with your existing data to a new product / article data model. This object can be sent in different formats and / or structure to further processing places. These places are store systems, price search engines, portals like X (twitter), eBay / Amazon / Facebook and many more or mobile apps.

Shopsystems * Each logo belongs to the respective manufacturer

Store systems from different manufacturers

You operate one or more store systems in the ICT industry and need the latest product content data from ITscope in your software? In addition, you would like to enrich this product data with your own data and price calculations? Then you can't get past our ITC data connection, because it is designed to enrich old and established structures with new information.

It does not matter to the data connection which system and in which format the ITscope product API data must be transferred. Another advantage is the possible and, in view of this, fast exchange of store systems, because the product object data is adapted to the processing system. If a store system has its own import interface, all the better, because at this point communication and data can be exchanged via standard protocols.

If you use one of these store systems, the connection of the ITC data connection is easier because these systems already provide standardized interfaces. The data formats (XML, JSON, SOAP or REST) can vary depending on the structure and store technology, but are not relevant for the functionality of the ITC data connection.