Digital Middleware and Web Service Agency - We accelerate the development of distributed applications

— From StartUp to Social Media, via e-commerce / e-business to enterprise applications, with the EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® middleware, we offer you the highest quality in middleware development and integration. EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® is a software that enables one or more types of communication or connectivity between two or more applications or application components in a distributed network.

— The middleware makes the development of web services, interfaces and back-end applications much easier, faster and with less code to implement. It is intuitive, enterprise on open source and extremely versatile. We use the EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® middleware to implement digital solutions for customers in a wide range of industries by making it easier to connect applications that are not actually designed to be connected and by providing functionality that intelligently connects these applications.

— We offer a range of development services covered by our long experience and know-how in middleware integration.

Middleware and Web Service Agency

Middleware development and integration is our focus

On EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® middleware base, we will shortly create functional prototypes of your requested web service, REST API or back-end application. You can then test these extensively and express further wishes and points, such as functions, elements or user interface design, before we move on to the core development and elaboration of your web services and the methods. Upon completion of the project, you will receive training and descriptions of the processes and functions, if desired. We document in code or put phpdoc for you.

  1. Web service development
  2. RESTful / REST API development
  3. Back-end resource Development
  4. Database middleware
  5. Portal middleware
  6. Content data interfaces
  7. Payment interfaces
  8. Machine interfaces
  9. Database integrations
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Middleware and Web Service Project Consulting

Project Consulting & Conception is the basis

As is often the case, you have specified a connection requirement, customer or partner specifications or "only" a vague idea without further core functions of a data interface. At this point, we are happy to help you with the development and advise you on the basis of our technical background knowledge, so you can reach your goal much faster and your project can be implemented explicitly. We use the EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® middleware and can implement the optimal user experience for you based on your ideas and definitions.

  1. Scrum and project management
  2. Agile process integration
  3. Imports and data migration
  4. Performance and scalability
  5. Security and integrity checks
  6. Code review
  7. Problem and error solutions
  8. Backups and version control
Middleware and Web Service Service

Service & Support

Services and projects that are not based on a framework or scalable libraries and are passed on from agencies to sub-service providers cause problems later on with the subsequent extensions and the service, because the code was not developed in-house, the know-how has to be requested externally again or the learning curve is simply too large and cost-intensive. Our aim is to solve exactly this problem in your middleware and web service project by using EnterPULSE - CONNECTED. BUSINESS. PERFORMANCE.® middleware. This middleware offers very good plug-ins to provide you with long-term community support.