Digital Cloud Applications

— Intelligent cloud-based web applications and processes that drive your business and enterprise forward, as well as generate scalable profits.

— Let us start developing your enterprise software today, with PHP 8+ and CakePHP 4+ we will develop your app up to 100% faster.

— CakePHP 4+ is the leading PHP library for developing PHP 8+ based enterprise applications running on a gentoo server in the cloud.

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux Server as a base

Gentoo is an extremely flexible, source-based Linux distribution. We rely on Gentoo holistically with our infrastructure and technology partners and have had only stable and positive experiences with this Linux distribution over the last 10 years.

PHP 8+ and CakePHP 4+ is extremely performant, scalable and extremely secure in production on Gentoo servers. Regardless of whether it is a cloud, dedicated or root operation.

Our Gentoo Linux Server packages are available at any time, from "Light" to "Pro" we offer a total of four packages that can range from small business, medium business to an Amazon-like construct. Whether multiple machines are linked per load balancer or per cloud application depends entirely on your requirements.

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Cloud Applications

Cloud based Applications

With scalable applications that run on a server in and for the cloud, digitization can also be implemented realistically and goal-oriented in real everyday business.

Many companies have major problems updating their data assets and transferring the accumulated inventory data to new applications and software running in the cloud.

Our EnterPULSE cloud solutions have been developed and adapted for this use. Whether database or web service tools, EnterPULSE does a great job as middleware between your old software and the new cloud applications and takes care of the data conversion into the formats that are expected.

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